Flame Pillows
The kids were very interested in exploring the new sewing machine. A simple pillow project seemed like the perfect start. You can’t go too wrong sewing in a straight line. I broke the project into two parts. The first day we measured, cut, and pinned the fabric. The second day we sewed and stuffed. The kids operated the pedal and helped guide the fabric. Their favorite part was playing with the stuffing. The flame pattern fabric really appealed to them. We are taking our flame pillows and sleeping bags to grandma and grandpa’s house. Next, they want to make drawstring bags.

One thought on “Flames

  1. COOOOOOOOOLLL! I am so impressed that you are sewing with them. I haven’t tried that yet. Looks like they did a great job! Ben took his flame drawstring bag to the doctor’s office with him today! 🙂

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