Half-Moon Investigations

Librarians are notorious for reading lots of mystery and detective novels. Eoin Colfer’s, Half-Moon Investigations, is the perfect kid version of a hard-boiled detective novel. We listened to the audiobook version of Half-Moon Investigations, while on a car trip to visit the grandparents.

Fletcher Moon is a twelve year-old licensed private investigator. Fletcher is respected among his schoolmates for his ability to solve mysteries, but he is an outsider. He has a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor that keeps the other students and adults on their toes.

Fletcher takes on a case offered to him by a fellow student to find a missing organizer. Doesn’t sound so exciting? Just wait. When Fletcher decides to investigate a family in his Irish town well known for their extensive criminal activities, he finds himself framed for a crime and on the run. Fletcher must clear his name and solve the crime before it’s too late.

Sean Patrick Reilly lends his voice to Fletcher and the other numerous characters in Colfer’s book.

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