The Book Book

Go into the kitchen advises Sophie Benini Pietromarchi’s book, The Book Book. The Book Book offers a collage of ideas for creating books and inspiring art projects. Pietromarchi’s book explores different types of paper, art and drawing techniques, and guidance on starting a story. The Book Book seems written for older children and adults, but the projects could easily be adapted for younger children. The “TV Book”, a scroll book in a box, made to look like a TV, is of interest to my kids. We did not do a whole book project, but instead took her idea for using dried beans and peas to make a picture. I photocopied and enlarged her flamingo outline. The kids glued different types of dried beans onto the paper outline. We used regular, white school glue. These turned out beautifully. The texture of the beans and glue is really pretty, and it was simple enough for both C. and H. to do together. The Book Book is great for flipping through to get ideas for your next project.

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