The Grumbling Splunk

Hey, I didn’t even have to make up an attention grabbing title for this post-who doesn’t want to know what a Grumbling Splunk is?
In Otis and Rae and the Grumbling Splunk , by Laura Espinosa and Leo Espinosa, friends Otis and Rae set out on a camping trip. Rae wants to tell scary stories and track wild beasts. Otis just wants to eat his peanut butter and banana sandwiches (PB & B) and go to sleep. After Otis accidentally encounters and runs from a Grumbling Splunk in the middle of the night, Rae insists they go back out in search of the beast. On their adventure they discover Grumbling Splunks aren’t actually scary, and they find out what they have in common with the strange sounding beasts.

When H. was little he did not like to be scared at all. This is a great book about monsters for those who do not want to be scared. Other non-scary monster books we like include the following:

Jitterbug Jam, by Barbara Jean Hicks – A monster is scared of a boy under is bed.

Scared Stiff, by Katie Davis – Objects that appear scary turn out to be ordinary.

The Monster at the End of this Book, by Jon Stone and Michael Smollin – Grover imagines he is getting closer to the monster at the end of the book with each page you turn.

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