The Octonauts

Happy 4th of July!
The kids are always happy when papalibrarian is home for an extra day. We are having what the kids call a “stay home day” or a “night-night day”, where we basically hang out in our pjs and do whatever we want. What I want to do is blog, and drink coffee. (favorite Seattle coffee)

I am always in search of children’s books that are slightly offbeat and unique. It keeps things interesting for the grownups and the kids. Octonauts and the Sea of Shade, by Meomi is the second adventure book for the crew of Octonauts. The Octonauts include characters such as Professor Inkling, the octopus oceanographer, Sauci Dog, the sausage dog that manages the controls of the Octopod, and Tweak Bunny, the mechanical engineer. The Octonauts live in an Octopod, a flip-top, octopus shaped, pod house. In this book, they go on a quest to find the missing shadows, which have been recalled by the King of Shade. The illustrations in Octonauts are vibrant and detailed. They are the kind of illustrations that the kids stare at for a while, so they can find all the intricate story and character details that are not explained in the text. Check out the Octonauts story, and print out some coloring pages too.

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