It’s Art Lesson Time

Last school year, my son, H, took art lessons in our home from Laurie Mann. She teaches private lessons, as well as teaching a bunch of other classes through the art museum and studios. For our lessons Laurie not only taught the basics of drawing, she also read art-based stories to the kids, and picked out appropriate supplies for them to use.
She focused mainly on the fundamentals of drawing with him. Like a lot of kids, H is interested in comics, and drawing things that interest him, so they incorporated those elements into the lessons. Henry likes to draw pictures of birds. Here are two birds he drew during last year’s lessons.

This year, C, decided she would like a lesson also. Laurie is great about working with both the kids on their individual levels, as well as sometimes having them work together. This year Laurie is going to expand beyond just drawing to include some other types of art projects.

We just had the first lesson the other day. Laurie is having them make mosaic tiles. Each child picked out their own tile selections and glued them on the larger tile. Next week they are going to finish them with grout. C also worked on drawing a dragon with Laurie. The kids had a great time getting to use the caulk to glue on the tiles and sorting through the big bag of pieces to pick just the right one. Here are pictures of their works-in-progress.

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