Career Opportunities

Having your own personal economic slowdown? Watch movies!

Home for the Holidays
Losing her job is only the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday.

“On the fourth Thursday in November, 84 million American families will gather together… And wonder why.”

American Beauty
I still love this movie, even if it is slightly depressing.

“I will sell this house today.”

Mr. Mom
A laid off Detroit autoworker becomes a SAHD.

“This is gonna be fun.”
“Guess what? I am making mommy a bet. Daddy’s betting mommy a hundred dollars to just her one dollar, that she doesn’t get a job before me.”

Office Space
Life trapped in cubicle hell.

“I’m late for a meeting with the Bobs”

A struggling actor, reinvents himself.

“Are you saying that nobody in New York will work with me? “

“No, no, that’s too limited… nobody in Hollywood wants to work with you either. I can’t even set you up for a commercial. You played a *tomato* for 30 seconds – they went a half a day over schedule because you wouldn’t sit down.”

Baby Boom
If you loose your job, will Sam Shepard show up?

Broadcast News
A classic Joan Cusack bit, steals the movie.

“You’ll never make more than $17,000 a year!”

Career Opportunities
An underappreciated John Hughes, coming of age movie, about finding your way.

“You know Jim I’d hire you in a second if I hadn’t already fired you so many times.”

Bugs Life
Unemployed Circus bugs find a new gig.

“You Fired!”

The Full Monty
Unemployed steel workers become male strippers.

One thought on “Career Opportunities

  1. Good list. Three more:

    Mergers! Acquisitions! Melanie Griffith! “Working Girl.”

    Clockwatchers: Life is boring for three temps…until office items start disappearing. Awesome movie.

    Secretary: Makes your boss look pretty good, no matter how bad he is.

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