I Spy Coke Bottles

Well, I never thought I would say this after living in Seattle, but it FINALLY rained here. A couple of days stuck indoors inspired us to work on some kid crafts. I saw this post about making your own I Spy Bottles on the Entertaining House blog.
We used empty Coke bottles. (Thanks neighbor Sara for my new addiction to Coke Zero.) I bought a big bag of cheap rice at the grocery store, and we used craft supplies and tiny toys that we found around the house. I was going to try to make each bottle a different color theme, but the kids were so excited about this project, there was not time to sort colors. This was such a fun, quick project. One of my friends, Average Jane Crafter pointed out how great these would be to take on summer vacations. After the kids put them together, I used the hot glue gun to secure the lids.

2 thoughts on “I Spy Coke Bottles

  1. I have been dreaming about these ever since I saw them. We’ll be making them soon – just have to find some bottles! 😉

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