Pillowcase-Style Dress


Here it is!  I made this yesterday in my sewing class.  Melissa Morgan taught this class at the Stitch Lab.  The class format if very relaxed and easy.  Because there are only a few people in each class, every skill level can work at their own pace.  I really enjoyed having Melissa as a teacher.  She is also teaching some other great classes including, baby overalls, ring slings, pocket slings, and some great sewing classes for kids. Check out the schedule here.

(E’s awesome matching sandals are from Target.  She calls them her “rainbow sandals.”)

3 thoughts on “Pillowcase-Style Dress

  1. So adorable! I hope E decides the dress is worth wearing, especially since she has the perfect shoes.

  2. Yes! Now she is being very protective of it and calling it “my dress”, so hopefully she will keep it up and want to wear it, maybe for Mother’s Day!

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