Flower Wrapping

We had another birthday party to go to today. My friend Haikumama’s daughter is three today! We got her this Green Toys Indoor Gardening set. I love this set, because the plants really grow well. My daughter, C received it for her birthday. It was great fun for her to watch the plants grow a little bit each day.
I decided I wanted to continue the garden theme for the wrapping paper. My five-year old daughter, C and I created this easy-to-make tissue paper flower bouquet.
We started with some very roughly cut tissue circles. We used old tissue paper that had been salvaged from presents and was languishing in the bottom of the wrapping bin.
We made the flowers each with two tissue paper circles and a pom pom. The pom poms came from the Target $1 bin.
We used white glue to glue down the tissue circles in pairs. I had to use the glue gun to secure the pom pom centers. After each center was dry, we crinkled the “petals” on each flower. I also used the glue gun for the grosgrain ribbon stems. I was going to cut the stems flush with the edge of the box, but decided I like the effect of having them hang off slightly. I think this would be a good design for a wedding shower or baby shower gift too.
Happy Birthday G! You are the sweetest!

6 thoughts on “Flower Wrapping

  1. A sure sign that G loved it – the paper was decimated before I even got a picture!

    It was lovely, you crafty badass. And I love that the ribbons dangled off the edge a bit – very nice touch.

  2. This is so beautiful! Tissue paper is so hard to reuse, but this looks lovely and bright.

    I love how the decorations compliment the long, narrow box. I’m writing a blog about gift wrapping (http://thegiftedblog.wordpress.com) and doing a compilation of kids’ ideas. Can I include images of this and the lego project? I will, of course, duly credit you and link back to your posts.

    Thanks and all the best,

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