Lite Brite

lite bright c2

Well, after a blogging break, I am back. It seems more complicated having two kids in school. I thought I would have more time, but actually I seem to have less. It took us all some time to get adjusted to the new schedule. Kindergarten and 4th grade are keeping us on our toes. So over the Thanksgiving holiday I thought I would try to start posting again.
Under the category of Old Toys I Love, I bought this used Lite Brite from ebay for the kids. It probably is a fire hazard. It has a single, white hot candle bulb in it. I also bought this awesome set of Star Wars refill template pages. I love this toy. Tonight we are going to try to make a snowman and a Christmas tree.

*A note on C’s shirt. It is an old swim team tshirt of mine with Tony the Tiger iron-on ironed on the back. The iron-on was originally sparkly. I can remember loving it. So she is wearing a 30-year old tshirt on backwards, with a newly added Nutella stain.

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