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Sun Hat Embroidery Baby Gifts

I hardly ever have the time or planning necessary for creating more involved projects for baby gifts. I like to buy a small gift and match an embroidery project to the gift-a sun hat, a bib, or onesie.
I made this butterfly hat to give to my cousin’s new daughter for Christmas. The leather baby shoes are from Target, as is the sun hat. I hand drew the butterfly pattern with a pencil. Sometimes I will iron-on a pattern to the hats, but it is easy to burn the nylon fabric of the hat. I try to stick to simple designs that I can easily match or use transfer paper to trace a pattern.

Here are a couple more examples of baby gifts I made this summer to give to my husband’s co-workers.

hand drawn caterpillar, paired with a Zutano tee.

Cherries pattern is from Sublime Stitching.

The Vespa pattern was posted by Average Jane Crafter.

Roadside Embroidery

Look what I found on the way home today at a roadside tent! I stopped at the corner of Stassney and 1st, right by our favorite chicken place, El Regio. It was just too cute to pass up for E, and it was only $12.
I would love to be able to make this kind of simple dress with embroidery for C. and E. I am hoping I can copy some of the embroidery for other projects. I would have gotten a dress or a blouse for myself, but they only had kid sizes available. I’ll have to keep looking. I did find a link to a site that has a pattern for a traditional Mexican dress. The Mexican Dress has a downloadable pattern for $5. Dare I attempt this? I’ll have to add it to the list.
Here is a picture of my unwilling model.