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Handmade Hellos

I made this Valentine’s Day card for C. based on a card design in Chronicle Book’s, Handmade Hellos, by By Eunice Moyle and Sabrina Moyle. I used felt for the body of the octopus and embroidery floss to sew on the button eyes and mouth. For the tentacle suckers, I glued on holes punched from colored paper. The inside of the card says, “Sucker For You.”

My son, H, designed this lion themed card for E’s Valentine’s Day. I used felt for the head, and embroidered the eyes and mouth. The inside of the card says, “I’m not lion, I love you.”

For H’s Valentine’s Day card, I used felt to make the brid body, beak, and eye, and craft feathers for extra decorative plumage. The inside of the card says, “You’re My Tweetheart.”

The Valentine’s Day presents for the kids with their cards. Snoopy Valentine’s day tshirts, heart socks, and candy for the girls. Itunes giftcard and candy for H.